Shyamala L., Oakland, CA:

"To sum it up, Laura is a master healer! She is incredibly dedicated to adding more and more knowledge to her deep understanding of functional medicine - all in service to her clients. Last year when my whole body ached, I couldn't sleep, digest food or walk my dog comfortably - not to mention focusing and running my business - I tried many different modalities. I began to feel hopeless and tell myself that this is just what it feels like to turn 70. As soon as I began following her advice my digestion improved significantly - immediately. Over time, my energy increased, I could sleep through the night and my legs and whole body are so much more comfortable. It feels like I am alive once again. So grateful to you, Laura!!!"


Ana Rosa Lombardi, Campinas, Brazil:

"I did an anti-inflammatory diet with Laura and I feel really good. I am lighter, and less swollen.  I stopped using the asthma inhaler! My sense of smell also returned unexpectedly! For the first time in 15 years I started to smell things that I hadn’t been able to smell! It seems that I got rid of inflammation in my whole body and respiratory system. 

My legs have also slimmed a lot, and I can wear trousers that were tight before. Ah !!!! My belly has returned to being my own! That strange belly that did not belong to me diminished. I'm thinking of the 2nd round !!! It was worth it every single day! Thanks Laura!"


Ana Teresa De Oliveira, São Carlos, Brazil:

"I did a gut health restoration protocol with Laura and it was great. I have continued with the morning macro nutrient ratio that she recommended, because it made a great difference in my intellectual performance and capacity to concentrate, which increased a lot during the protocol, during that time I was not hungry in the middle of the afternoon, so I just drank water and dined early, like 6:00 pm I usually have dinner at 8:00 pm It's amazing how much mental and physical well-being I felt during the gut healing protocol ... afterwards, it seemed like I was about 15 years younger. My focus was not weight loss, but I lost 2.5 lbs in 5 days and along with it the belly also went away... .beauty !!! Since then, I've not had my usual problem with tomato intolerance or digestive headaches ... I've increased my protein intake and I feel much, much better. Congratulations Laura for the diet! Very good indeed."