Laboratory Tests Approach and Processing Fee

We are committed to providing the highest level, most comprehensive care for our clients that reflect current ADAPT standards taught by Chris Kresser. As part of this, we use many different functional medicine laboratory tests that require extra overhead in terms of practitioner and operations staff time.

In order to answer the demand and maintain regular client support, we have instituted a $50 test administration fee for each of the extra overhead tests ordered. (This does not apply to LabCorp, where we order most of our blood markers). This fee helps us to offset the cost associated with having these tests with extra overhead available to our clients. An invoice is always sent for your approval prior to incorporating the lab tests to your case. 

The costs that we bear for this type of testing include:

  • Staff time to process the test orders and fill out requisition forms and invoices.

  • Ordering of test kits and, in some cases, keeping physical stock and shipping the kits to the patient.

  • Represent clients in communications with Labs to ensure test kits shipping timelines are expedited, or tailored according to each client situation (e.g.: travel).

  • Obtaining lab results from the individual labs and ordering recollects/billing corrections when labs make errors.

  • Uploading, sorting and organizing the results into the client charts.

  • Record lab values in the client charts to streamline practitioner workflow.

  • Create client instructions to address specific protocols for preparing for each test as needed, as well as answering patient concerns and questions with regards to test ordering and preparation.

  • Review the lab results and build treatment plans based on the results.

  • Create proposals to labs requesting that they carry additional markers and panels to increase level of insight and accuracy for each client or health condition.

  • Research the best, most accurate, highest yield tests.

As we strive to stay up to date with tests recommended by Chris Kresser, we are constantly adjusting our lab test offerings, to reflect our patients’ best interest and highest clinical utility.

We have a minimalist approach to lab testing, and it is our highest priority to only recommend tests whose results will provide meaningful action steps for improving the health of our clients.

We are committed to having the Functional Medicine approach to health accessible those who wouldn’t normally be able to afford it. It should be noted that the cost at which we are able to offer all laboratory testing is still below what patients normally pay at similar practices, including online lab-testing companies where clients can order directly. 


Laura Leite, Kresser Institute Provider, FDN-P